Grades 3-6

  1.  “EL MUNDO DE CARLOS” (Grades 2-6) – I highly recommend this site even though it’s a bit challenging.  Start first by practicing your VOCABULARY by clicking on the BACKPACKicon!   I  also recommend the exercises found on the the first 2 rows (sections).
  2. “REPORTE DEL TIEMPO” (Grade 6) Weather reports
  3. “SE HABLA ESPAÑOL” (Grades 4-6).-Interactive. Some countries where Spanish is spoken
  4. “LA CASA” (Grade 5-6) -Interactive. Work your way through the different exercises
  5. ‘MI PUEBLO” (Grade 4-6) -Interactive.  Work your way through the different exercises
  6. FONEMAS (Grades 3-5) Very good for connections between sounds and words
  7. EL CASTILLO” (Grades 1-4) Many good activities: some that are quite challenging. Contents include: weather, musical instruments, numbers, stories, colors, others
  8. FACE PARTS (Grades 1-6) Fun!
  9. ¿QUÉ HORA ES? (Grades 3-6) Telling Time
  10. NUMBERS (Grades 3-6)
  11. MONTHS (Grades 2-6)
  12. CLOTHING (Grades 2-6)
  13. FLASHCARDS (Grades 2-6) Vocabulary on various units