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Contact: elsa.borrero@gmail.com

Elsa has been a teacher and multi-disciplinary artist for over 25 years. She is committed to enhancing community through involvement in numerous collaboration projects both in education and art.

Elsa and her daughter

Ms. Borrero lives in Brattleboro. She Coordinates the Foreign Language Program in the Elementary Schools for the district, and she teaches Spanish in grades 2-6th at Academy and Oak Grove schools. As a Latin culture teacher, she has designed and taught courses to different groups and age level ranging from toddlers to adults at various institutions throughout New England since 1998. She has innovated and implemented new teaching techniques and materials that engage diverse learners, involving the use of arts in the classroom and learning across grade levels. Besides teaching, she serves in the board of the Arts Council of Windham County and the Vermont Jazz Center as well as co-chairs Diversity Day Celebration in Brattleboro and has served as Outside Evaluator for Marlboro College. She has taught district teachers courses on Integrating Spanish into K-2 curriculum. In her native Colombia, Elsa co-designed and implemented educational programs for children as well as for educators in recognized institutions such as Parque Explora and EAFIT University. In 2008 she was awarded a grant proposal to develop a teachers classroom guide of activities. First edition: 30,000 copies.