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Halloween – Día de los Muertos: Méjico

Día de los Muertos as a Mexican
cultural tradition and Halloween in Brattleboro

All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween) and Día de los Muertos have merged in present day Mexico and have become a 2 -3 day celebration that goes from Oct 31 – Nov 2. El Día de los Muertos is a 2 day holiday celebrated in Mexico to honor and remember loved dead ones. It is believed that at this time the souls of the dead ones return to visit their living relatives. It is a joyous occasion since “the path back to the living world most not be made slippery by tears”.

The tradition includes creating flowered pathways to cemeteries, gatherings, prayers, and special foods prepared for the occasion. Some of the symbols for this holiday are sugar skulls, heavily decorated skeletons, bread of the dead, and elaborate altars.

And…here’s a “slice” of Halloween as celebrated in Brattleboro…



4 comments to Halloween – Día de los Muertos: Méjico

  • Elsa Borrero

    Grade 4/5 students in Karen’s class:

    I noticed both celebrations use lights: candles in Mexico and candles in the pumpkins in Brattleboro

    In Mexico they go on for 2 days & in Brattleboro it goes on for 1 night
    In the dancing in Mexico they were using costumes & in Brattleboro we use costumes for trick & treating

    In Mexico they offer food to the dead, in Brattleboro they offer candy to the kids

    They both involve souls

    They make it scary in Brattleboro, and in Mexico they celebrate and respect dead

  • Elsa Borrero

    MUY BIEN clase de Karen!

  • Lucinda brown

    Excellent pictures! Me gusta iPad !

  • Ellen Tumavicus

    I like how you use idea clips juxtaposing Halloween with dia de Los metros.